Debugging SharePoint 2013 solutions is really really slow…

I’ve Googled around to try and find out why this is the case. In a nutshell it goes something like this:

You’re developing a SharePoint 2013 solution in Visual Studio and you find that it takes a very long time from deployment to when the first break point is hit. I’ve seen times as long as 20 minutes before my first break point was hit after debugging (F5) was started.

There have been suggestions that by disabling IntelliSense helps improve response times but in my case I’m not willing to do that (and I’m guessing there’s others who aren’t either). One thing that I tried that did help significantly improve debugging was by explicitly setting the platform target for the project. By default, the platform target is set to Any CPU. After changing it to my target platform (x64), I noticed a decrease in the amount of time it took for the solution and site to be up and running.

Change to your platform target
Change to your platform target

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